The foods that strengthen teeth

An oral health diet contains plenty of foods to strengthen teeth. Because after all, your teeth were once a matter of survival.

Your dental health is one of the most important markers of your overall health. That’s because of the mineral balance required to prevent tooth decay and other dental diseases.

Foods that balance calcium and minerals are crucial to strengthen your teeth. But when we look at these nutrients, it’s clear they’re important for our whole body, too.

Let’s look at the main nutrients that can strengthen your teeth.


Calcium is required for many processes in the body, including moving your muscles. When your body doesn’t have enough calcium, it needs to take it from your bones. But it also means it can’t use it to strengthen teeth. If your body doesn’t have enough calcium, it will pull minerals out of your teeth. Your teeth are in a constant calcium trade with your saliva and oral microbiome.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital for calcium absorption. When you have low vitamin D, you’ll only absorb 10-15% of the calcium in your diet. Vitamin D is made by your skin when you are out in sunlight. But if you can’t get it from sunlight, you need to get it from foods. A diet rich in Vitamin D is crucial for oral health. Studies suggest the link between Vitamin D deficiency and tooth decay. But Vitamin D doesn’t just act to mineralize teeth and bones. As a hormone, it plays a part in thousands of processes throughout your body. It influences your digestive system, immune system, brain, your genes and even your sleep. It’s not surprising that today, Vitamin D deficiency is linked to many chronic and serious conditions. These include auto-immune conditions and mental degeneration. Vitamin D doesn’t act alone for good oral health. It’s just one of the fat-soluble vitamins required for good dental health.

Vitamins A, K1, K2 and vitamin E

Vitamins A, K1, K2 and vitamin E all play key roles in your teeth health too. These fat-soluble vitamins are tied to health issues all over the body. Vitamin A deficiency is linked to birth defect problems and eyesight degeneration. Vitamin K2 may be one of the best indicators of heart health.