New Technology

The Wand

For our most loved ones, we offer a different technique for freezing. We use a topical anesthetic on your child’s gums first to desensitize them and then use The Wand, a computer driven system, to administer the injection very slowly and precisely to create a truly comfortable experience.

DIAGNOdent and Canary System

The first step to diagnose the dental disease is to detect it at early stage. Since even the smallest amount of decay can threaten the integrity of the tooth, finding and filling cavities is essential to preventing future problems.

DIAGNOdent technology locates tooth decay at its earliest stages. DIAGNOdent uses laser technology to detect decay by measuring laser fluorescence within the tooth structure. When the laser encounters altered tooth substances, including bacteria, the DIAGNOdent emits a fluorescent light and a reading is displayed indicating the presence and severity of the decay.

The Canary System is also a precise, low-powered, laser-based instrument with an integrated intraoral camera that detects the presence of cracks and caries (tooth decay) before they are large enough to appear on dental X-rays. The Canary system uses pulses of laser light generate photothermal (PTR) and luminescence (LUM) to scan and detect the carious lesion.

Digital Radiography

Digital X-rays are taken with very low radiation. They require less time to process than traditional X-rays, use no harmful chemicals, and can be digitally enhanced or enlarged to aid the dentist in treatment planning for little ones.