Children should be seen for their first dental visit by the age of one as recommended by both the Canadian Dental Association and Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. By seeing children and infants at an early age, we can assess their risk for developing dental disease and teach good oral care to encourage a life time of oral health.

  • You will be requested to complete a questionnaire that helps us determine the best approach to care.
  • You and your child will first be seen in a family-friendly room where you will have an opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions.
  • Dr. Friedman/Dr. ARI may request that x-rays or photos be taken.
  • We are committed to providing you with the best dental care available and by providing preventative care we can help you to lower the cost of oral care.

Programs and services

We offer a range of specialized programs which go beyond just filling holes and include:

Risk Assessment and Individualized Intervention Program
Patient Guided Sensory Integration Program for Persons with Special Needs
Laser Dentistry
Sedation – General Anaesthesia
Orthodontic Assessment and Referral
Oro Myofunctional Therapy
Infant Oral Care

Our goal is to help you identify what risk factors may be contributing to developing dental disease and what measure can be taken to reduce that risk…

Pediatric Oral Health & Dentistry

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