Laser Therapy

The use of low-level laser can reduce or eliminate the need for local anesthetic and decrease sensitivity during and post restorative treatment.

The Erbium Laser-No Shot, No Drill for many procedures

The Erbium laser offers an alternative to the high-speed drill, preserves tooth structure and is anti-microbial so reduces infection

Using lasers means we can provide our patients with a new method of dental care that can often be performed without the use of local anesthesia.

The sensation associated with the laser is reported as a slight feeling of warmth and so comfortable that in many cases no numbing is required and most children tolerate the ‘popping’ sound  of the ” light sabre” very well.

Without the need for local anaesthetic more teeth in different areas of the mouth can be treated in one visit often leading to fewer visits being required to complete the dental treatment.

The Diode laser is a soft tissue laser and is used for frenotomies, tongue tie revisions and bio-stimulation. It also kills bacteria and can encourage tissue regeneration. There is less bleeding with the laser than with the scalpel so less need for suturing.