Patient Guided Sensory Integration (PGSI)

This program was created to help children with sensory issues to learn to better tolerate dental care. The needs of the child and the parents are taken into consideration. Each child has individual needs and triggers, these are used as a guide to forming a plan for oral care and treatment. The use of music therapy, pressure, positive reinforcement, orofacial massage, desensitization, repetitive tasking, as well as distraction are integrated at a pace that suits the needs of the child. It is important to work with the family and care givers as they are a great wealth of information.

After it is determined that a child would benefit from the PGSI program a time is set aside for an introduction. Trust is such a big factor with all children that we see the children as many times for short appointments as is deemed necessary. The goals of each appointment is set by the needs of the child and could be as small as walking into the clinic setting and saying good morning or as big as performing dental treatment.

Although the PGSI program was created for children with spectrum disorders, it has proven to be effective with any child that has sensory issues.