RAM-Dental Caries Risk Assessment and Management

Our goal is to help you identify what risk factors may be contributing to developing dental disease and what measure can be taken to reduce that risk

Assessment tools may include oral and family histories, diet analysis and bacterial and saliva testing and based on the findings we can tailor a program to specifically address your child’s risk factors and improve their oral health.

Management tools include, arresting the dental caries with Silver Diamine Fluoride application, high concentration Fluoride toothpaste, remineralization products (MI Paste) and Xylitol.

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a colorless liquid that is safe and effective for “arresting” or stopping dental caries. It works when it is applied topically on a dental cavity. It is appropriate for use in children with a high risk for caries and children who will not tolerate treatment in the dental office because of their age or inability to cooperate for treatment.